January 10, 2010

Hanvon eReader

From Engadget coverage at:

Hanvon have waded into the eReader space with a range of five devices sporting some significant design differences around a similar display size.

They have focused on writing, annotation and note taking with all devices except one having a Wacom-like digitizing tablet incorporated and a stylus. This technology is significantly better than a pressure-sensitive touchscreen stylus. If you want to take notes well, this is what you should be looking for (pioneered in eReaders by the iRex device). Disadvantages are that it adds to device weight, thickness and power consumption (while stylus is in use).

A couple of their devices also have a (finger) touchscreen. I personally like the ability to use finger-touch and stylus-writing separately and together, where fingers can shift pages/content and pens write.....just like the real world...

They will be available in the US from Hanvon or OEM suppliers later in 2010.

From existing products and recent announcements some of the designs look familiar already....that's this crazy OEM world we all live in.

One of their images (Engadget Gallery here) made me thinks of kids scribbling on books as they read them. We will now be able to encourage kids to scribble their doodles, thoughts, ideas or anything on books as they read them, without affecting the original! They could even share their notes and doodles with other readers of the same book.
Isn't that great, I wonder if anyone has ever studied how that can affect their comprehension, learning and imagination?

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