January 15, 2010

LG flexing it's large display muscles

From Engadget at: http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/15/lg-displays-19-inch-e-ink-display-plays-loose-with-the-truth/

LG is starting to show just what it can do with E-Ink displays on top of it's metal foil backplane!

As Engadget correctly comments, a flexible display won't necessarily (i.e. probably not) mean a flexible eReader. But it does bring ruggedness.

Although it may never make it to market, remember the READIUS?

It's not clear what the minimum bend radius of these LG displays are, and so it's very possible (I'd say likely) that we won't seem them in this type of device.

Maybe a mechanical engineer out there can tell us how tightly you could bend a 0.3mm thick (Steel) metal foil and have it go back to flat at a later date. That would be the minimum, then you've got the minor (ehh hmmm) problem of the electronics on top of it withsanding that...

Engadget do this work an injustice by questioning how long such a monochrome E-Ink display will be relevant, presumably based on some surprising recent developments in reflective color from Mirasol and LiquaVista), as the real breakthrough here is the backplane of transistors on the metal substrate that drives the E-Ink front-plane. That work could be applied to other front-plane ("image forming") technologies, to a monochrome E-Ink frontplane with an RGBW color filter applied, or to any future color E-Ink like frontplane.

So, bravo LG! Keep up the good work.

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