January 10, 2010

First look at future MSI dualscreen reader

From Engadget coverage at:

I like this design, which is reminiscent of OLPC XO 3 concepts. It can be closed like a book to produce a smaller sized device plus the screens can act as two separate screens with content from different works or pages, or they can act as one large screen (with an annoying split down the middle!).

MSI showed a larger model here, but I think that is too large and unweildy. So I agree with Engadget that this smaller seven inch concept is more interesting, at least as a eReader.

Only one screen in a touchscreen, so it can't do those scenarios shown by the OLPC XO 3 concept with two people face-to-face playing games.

It is apparently a multi-touch touchscreen with haptic feedback....but I'd need to try using it as a keyboard to know how it performs, that the importance of that depends a lot on whether you view it mainly as an eReader or as an UMPC/Netbook.

MSI seem to be leaning more towards the UMPC model by giving it an Intel processor and running Windows. There is no mention of hard-disk.

The design could support other uses, other software and a UI more suitable for reading and even different electronics more squarely focused on eReading.

It will apparently be on sale in less than a year.

I'd like to see a more lightweight design of this running something other than Windows, with:

  • dual-touch displays (face-to-face use, page turning on either side, etc)
  • longer battery life (than a Windows/Intel device can provide)
  • even thinner, maybe need to work on viewing angle
  • PixelQi or Mirasol display?

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