January 6, 2010

I'm back!

Well, it's been a while since I last posted as other projects at work and outside took much of my time over the past 6 months. But I now plan to keep up the posting of news and thoughts about eBooks or eReaders as I prefer to call them.

A lot has been happening during the last year, and a segment that almost no-one knew about or talked about now seems to be in the mass media and the minds of many consumers...great!

There are now a lot of eReaders with a similar design, a 6 inch eInk display in a thin form factor, with a few navigation buttons, SD card and support for PDF and ePub formats, and prices are coming down. An example of that would be the Bookeen CyBook, Papyrus and others.

Amazon has released the DX since a while now, and now the Kindle and Kindle DX is available "world wide" with mobile data network connectivity.

Sony has been busy with updates and new models, including the nice PRS 600 Touch series, as well as other smaller models.

In the coming posts I will be showing newley released models in the news, and not-so-new models, as a way to bring the blog up to date a bit, as some models have been released that I haven't commented on.

But I don't want it to be about devices only, so I will continue to cover display technologies, interaction methods, publishing workflows and businesses and anything I think is relevant for the eReading activity.

In particular I want to keep an eye open for activity outside of ludic, fiction reading - such as solutions for office productivity, mobile workers, education and others, where I think there is ample room for innovation and differentiation and additional advantages over the printed book.

Please let me know any opinions, news, suggestions or "requests" for things to cover!

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