January 8, 2010

Even Cooler eReader line-up

Interead has expanded their line-up of COOL-ER eReaders at CES.

From Engadget coverage at http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/04/interead-expands-cool-er-e-reader-line-up-announces-additional/ and at http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/04/interead-expands-cool-er-e-reader-line-up-announces-additional/

The News
They have introduced connected models, with Wi-Fi and 3G (via AT&T in North America) and the addition of a touch screen.

They are also working to make more content available, presumably to be delivered over Wi-Fi and 3G with these new models later in 2010. In particular the agreement with NewspaperDirect will make over 1,300 newspapers and magazines available. So, with a couple of well chosen moves they have radically improved their offering.

In general I like the COOL-ER designs. Although actually very similar to the raft of standard eBook designs they have been able to somehow stay slightly apart, with their vivid colors and their clean, no clutter, designs.

With these new additions it will place them firmly in competition with Sony (e.g. Sony PRS 600 Touch Series) on design and features.

The addition of content and 3G delivery will place them in more direct competition with Amazon and the Kindle, and at the moment ahead of Sony on the connected front......although it remains to be seen who will actually deliver that first as Sony is working on it too, but maybe just more conservative about announcing it ahead of time.

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