January 7, 2010

CES eReader deluge about to begin, stand back

Well, eReaders really seem to be the thing at this years CES show.

It seems everyone who stayed very quiet (show-wise) during the last year of crisis kept their heads down working hard on eReader devices and display technology.

I'm wading through all the eReader related announcements, using Engadget as a starting point, and the list is growing pretty big and I've got a bunch of posts backed-up to write.

So, over the next few days I'll be busy posting them all for you.

Due to the sheer number of them, I think I'll keep the initial post short, and then for the most interesting ones (requests taken, use the comments link below!) I'll dig into more details and supplement the information from Engadget more with other sources, and my own thoughts.

Again, feedback will help me determine where best to focus my efforts.

Let the flood-gates open.....

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