January 26, 2009

Walt Mossberg on newer eBook offers on the iPod Touch / iPhone

In previous posts I've commented on a few of the recent eBook reading software applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch (Stanza, eReader, etc).

At the Wall Street Journal on-line, personal technology columnist Walt Mossberg discusses a couple of recent additions to those offerings.

The first is "Shortcovers" from Indigo, a Canadian book selling company. It will be available soon (maybe by the time you read this) on the AppStore and will give you the first chapter free and then allow you to buy buy chapter by chapter, or specific chapters of books (for around $0.99 per chapter) or to buy the whole book in eBook format, or to buy the book in paper format. Sounds like the software has some interesting features which I'll check out and cover in a future post.

The second is call "Iceberg" now on AppStore. It has few titles at the start but they will be working hard to increase the number of titles available on it.

If you prefer to "read" about the subject (and not watch a video) then you can read Mossberg's column article on the subject.

It seems like the battle of "Convenience" vs. "Better reading experience" is served. Fight!

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