January 14, 2009

Photonic Crystal displays technology speed-ups

Some time ago, I commented (Opalux P-ink) on work by the firm Opalux in collaboration with the University of Toronto in Canada (Opalux was a spin-off of University of Toronto work).

Now a new Technology Review Article follows continued work by the University to speed up the color transitions of this technology, a candidate for very highly reflective (bright, depending on the ambient light) e-paper displays that consume very little power.

They seem to be making significant progress on one of the import attributes of such a display technology, although they have plenty of work left to do before it's ready for prime-time.

Don't miss watching the video, ignoring the horrible ad up front. In it I don't see much in the way of a blue color, but I'm not sure is that a limitation of the technology or just the test set-up.

One to be watched, but don't delay that e-book purchase waiting for this technology to hit the streets.

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