November 17, 2008

Are you glad you have an eBook reader? How many times?

TeleRead forums post an explanation here by Ficbot of how she was pleased, 10 times over of having an eBook reader.

I have long shared her belief that the eBook discussion shouldn't be a print OR eBook discussion.

The two have different strengths and can complement each other, and that sometimes you may even want both formats of the SAME book and even buy them together.

I'm not sure when I've been "most glad" to have an eBook reader. I think it would have to be either:-
  • Travelling: when trying to travel light and not knowing which books to take. Forgetting to take any books at all. Finishing the book I was reading shortly after starting the trip!
  • Away from Home: Being at the beach house for spells in summer or weekends and not having anything with me to read in paper form.
What about eBook reader owners amongst you out there?
When were/are you most glad to have an eBook reader with you?

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