November 18, 2008

Half a million downloads Stanza eReading software for eBooks on Apple iPhone

Apparently, the Stanze eReading software from Lexcycle for the iPhone has been very successful, with already over 500,000 downloads.

The iPhone reader application is available on the Apple iPhone AppStore and the desktop/laptop eBook software for PC or Mac is available from this section of the Lexcycle web.

The fact it is free is obviously a factor, but it does indicate the level of interest or intrigue there is about being able to read books (and other material) on the iPhone/iPod Touch platforms.

If you want to see it working in a demo, you can do so in a number of movie formats at the Lexcycle web site, here.

Among other features it does seem to have a lot of configurations options for the reading appearance, allowing you finicky readers to see your contents just as you like it.

It's available in twelve different languages and has users in more than 50 countries, aparently.
Any users out there amongst you who can give a hands-on assessment.

The Stanza Online Catalog includes over 40,000 book and other items, “in more than 20 languages.”

It can display files in the standard ePub format, and have integrated a number of web sources for books, such as Feedbooks and others.

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