December 19, 2008

Bookeen CyBook eBook Reader updates

Bookeen (bookeen web-site) seem to be revving up for the festive (and hopefully for them "buying") season with their CyBook generation 3 eBook reader.

I've covered the CyBook previously in this blog, in order from oldest to newest:-

The newsletter they sent to me explains that they will be dropping prices for Christmas. They say "significantly", but it will be up to the resellers to determine the end price it seems.

They are extending their distribution out of continental Europe with WHSmith (UK), Archambault (Canada) and BooksOnBoard (US).

And they are tackling the awareness/familiarity/knowledge problem around eBook reader devices with kiosks in stores where you can view and touch a CyBook reader - a good move.

I balk at the statement of eBook reader devices being a "trendy" X-mas gift.

And last, but not least, they say that the number of titles available in the Mobipocket format (.PRC) that is natively supported by the Cybook, is now up to 112,000 titles.

They need to get a PR agency more proficient in English, English punctuation/proof-readying or character sets on the web/e-mail as almost all their statements in the Newsletter are stated as questions, often with the question mark at the start and the end of the sentence, as a Question is in Spanish, although they miss the up-side-down question mark symbol.

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