November 27, 2008

Kindle and PRS-700 compared

The Amazon Kindle Review blog does a direct comparison here of the version 1 of the Kindle eBook reader with the 3rd gen Sony reader, the PRS-700.

Noting their obvious partiality to the Kindle, they chose to list their (perceived) advantages of each and let you decide.

When they say "back-light" as an accessory for the Kindle, they mean front-light.
When they say "front-light" for the Sony, they mean side-light.

In general, I agree on most their points, except the Kindle keyboard which takes up precious real estate that I want to see filled with a display AND makes the device look ugly and NOT like a device mainly for consumption or reading.

To put that another way, if I took the two lists of advantages and could combine them into a new device with all of them, would that be a device I like and would want to own?

Yes, with the exception of the keyboard.

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