November 26, 2008

Folding Quantum Dot display anyone?

Hot on the heels of my earlier post on a demonstration from Samsung of a "folding" OLED display here is a Technology Review article on Quantum Dots displays and a new manufacturing technique for them being worked on by a start-up called "QD Vision".

Compared to the state of development and manufacture of OLEDs, the story is two-sided.

We already have small OLED displays in manufacture and use (mainly in cell phones and portable TVs), so in that sense the state of OLED technology is MUCH more advanced than Quantum Dot displays.

However, there are known difficulties in making large OLED displays (as well as some difficulties with their lifetime), which is one area that the proponents of this quantum dot technology think they may have a fundamental advantage - at least with this new technique described.

So, in a sense they hope to come from significantly behind, and overtake OLEDs in larger size displays and take the market from LCD displays.

What do they claim to offer over LCD? Mainly lower power, maybe slightly lighter and thinner. Then off course if they can make them flexible that's a game changer.

What do they claim to offer over OLED? Brighter, sharper color, and off course maybe easier (cheaper?) to manufacture at the larger sizes.

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