March 10, 2009

Neolux's NUUT2

South Korean producer Neolux has recently released the NUUT2 eBook reader.

They have added an extra strip LCD display, just as Amazon remove it in the Kindle 2.

It has a fairly standard 6-inch, 600 x 800 E-Ink display, but with only eight shades of gray making it come up short against the newest competition which are coming out with 16.

With 1GB of internal storage it is short of the Kindle2, but more than the Onyx Boox, but like the Onyx (and unlike the Kindle 2) it has an SD card expansion slot, USB2.0 to connect to your PC/Mac, USB1.1 to load content from USB sticks and WiFi standard (its optional on Onyx Boox).

It supports PDF, Epub and TXT for readable content, multiple standard formats for images and also multiple for audio.

For so many of the devices appearing like this one, its going to come down to how good their distribution and go to market is, and the availability of good content and an easy and affordable way to get it. Without that, I suspect you're dead in the water.

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