February 12, 2009

Foxit eSlick eBook Reader goes for the low end of the market

I first covered this Foxit eSlick eBook reading device in a post back in December.

But it seems to be back in the news with a minor (software?) update. You can see it on the Foxit web-site here: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/ebook/

They don't mess about with positioning and exort you to "Save money to buy more eBooks" !

There is a YouTube video showing it in use, but it's not really worth watching.

It appears to be a fairly standard e-ink based device like so many I've covered here in the past. The only things I could see of note were the focus on supporting landscape orientation (useful for a few types of documents, but not very comforatable panning through those portrait documents in landscape mode).

It's a straightforward, somewhat economical eBook reader at $260, but not the cheapest out there I don't think. According to this Gearlog post they have set a "target price" of $230. Unclear why that price is not available from the Foxit web-site....or will only be a price at Retail.
Foxits eSlick comes with free software: Foxit Reader Pro Pack and Foxit PDF Creator. to aid getting PDF documentant onto your device.
Foxit seem to have a lot of experience in PDF and related software solutions, although I have no personal experience with it. 

With this device, apparently the "added bonus" will be that it will be the first "eBook Reader class" device to support files for the "eReader" software that is available on the iPhone and other SmartPhones, allowing you hopefully to share content across both devices - an emerging theme recently (see Amazon Kindle 2 wrap-up post coming soon...)

They claim their first "batch" sold out. They say if you have pre-ordered "before February" then they expect it to ship in Feb/March...

They have a pre-order button on their web site. It takes you to a dead-end web page. By trial-and-error I found that hitting the "[Click here to back]" link, actually takes you forward to a pre-order page.  

How can companies make a product like this, and then be so flaky on their web site and allowing people to learn more about it and to ORDER it!

Alternatively, for you "Bricks and Mortar" folks, you can try and find a reseller in your country at this web-page of theirs.... http://www.foxitsoftware.com/purchase/distributors.htm although to me it looks more like a list of distributors, not resellers.

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